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On one hand, both sports betting operators and potential customers have expressed their satisfaction with the highest national court’s ruling.On the other hand, a number of treatment organizations and anti-gambling campaigners have warned that the US gambling market has changed for good, but not for the players’ sake.

Part of the Problem Ashmawy admits to being part of the problem.On the other hand, he has found that there is such a “huge amount of shame with problem gambling” that people suffering from gambling addiction avoid talking to others about their issues.

An Irish problem gambling organization is calling for a ban on the so-called free bets offered by online bookmakers and for the introduction of a set of measures that will ensure gambling products are advertised in a socially responsible manner, local news outlets report.Barry Grant from Problem Gambling Ireland told local media that politicians and regulators will have to focus their attention on free bets as one of gambling operators’ most popular means to attract new customers.

More 50% of these losses were generated on slot machines available at clubs and pubs across the country.As reported by BBC, a spokesman of the Alliance for Gambling Reform, Tim Costello, compared gambling in Australia to “guns in America”.