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Following the Supreme Court’s ruling on sports betting, the Poker Players Alliance believes online poker legislation will move faster.But so far, only four states have passed legislation that legalizes online poker.

Doug Polk has no interest in donating money to help the Poker Players Alliance stay afloat.Even the lobby FOR online poker, is against online poker if it hurts Pokerstars business,” Polk continued.

Not since Black Friday on April 15, 2011 has online poker in the US seemed so close to death.1 million in lobbying funds towards the online poker cause.

Fighting for nationwide online poker legislation will always be important to the Poker Players Alliance, an organization founded in 2005 that stands up for the rights of poker players.But with a reduction in financial support from the internet gaming industry (translation: PokerStars), the non-profit PPA is shifting some of its focus to sports betting.