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After selecting the first 30 players via a live lottery for the 2018 Super High Roller Bowl, Aria poker officials hand-picked 15 additional players to compete in the $300,000 rake-free event.Antonio Esfandiari will be competing in the 2018 Super High Roller Bowl for the fourth consecutive year.

The fate of the Poker Players Alliance could be in jeopardy after the organization’s recent fundraising efforts fell short of the mark.In the immediate hours after the fundraiser ended, there had been no comment from anyone at the PPA.

What is more, the player has a real shot to win his first WPT Main Tour Main Event.The player ended Day 4 with the shortest stack, but has every chance to improve on Day 5.

A study conducted by the Australian Gambling Research Centre indicates many poker players delve into other forms of gambling, and it could have a negative effect on one’s mental health.A recent study indicates poker players lose more money on other forms of gambling than poker.

The publication of said framework means that there are no more regulatory hurdles before Portugal’s participation in the shared liquidity project.France and Spain were the first two participating countries to roll out shared online poker tables.

Mike Leah scooped the WPT Fallsview championship, but did he “buy” the title?(Image: WPT) Mike Leah played a quick heads-up match against Ryan Yu for the WPT Fallsview title in Niagara Falls on Tuesday, but to the dismay of many poker pros, it was more a formality than an actual competition.

But now it’s a new year and a new race, and after one month, Gavin “gavz101” Cochrane has jumped out to an early lead after winning $348,234 online in January.Back in 2010, Gavin Cochrane finished 8th in the World Series of Poker $2,500 Pot-Limit Hold’em/Omaha for $26,905.

Donald Trump gave his first “State of the Union” address to Congress on Tuesday night and, for a brief moment, many poker players stopped tweeting about Bitcoin to comment on the 45th US President’s speech.But on Tuesday night, the 2013 NBC National Heads-Up Championship winner and four-time WSOP bracelet champion was all smiles.

Donald Trump will not be President of the United States on January 1, 2019.If it doesn’t work out that way, poker player David Walton will be out $2,000 to longtime tournament grinder and outspoken conservative Tony Cousineau.

Two Wichita, Kansas poker players charged with illegal gambling have offered guilty pleas, following a federal investigation that involved their phones being tapped back in 2015.(Flickr/World Poker Tour) Danny Chapman, 67, has pleaded guilty to operating a high stakes sports betting ring, as well as one count of tax evasion.

The World Poker Tour announced the 2017 WPTDeepStacks Europe Player of the Year on Thursday, with Tobias Peters capturing the honor.Tobias Peters is presented with his WPTDeepStacks Europe POY trophy by WPT lead commentators Tony Dunst and Vince Van Patten.

Though that hardly constitutes “high stakes” in a poker world where players can regularly be found trading six-figure pots, it still sets a bar that tends to differentiate recreational players from pros.“The addition of NL800 and PL800 had contributed to short-handed games and slightly faster loss rates of recreational players at our higher stakes.

When the general public thinks of poker players, the first image that comes to mind for many is that of a shark feeding on unsuspecting prey.In 2017, poker players did a lot not only to support charitable causes, but also stepped up to throughout the year to lend more than a helping to people in serious need.

They say poker is a young person’s game, but a few savvy senior poker players this year showed us in 2017 that old dogs already have quite a few tricks up their sleeves, and can teach the pups a thing or two themselves.(Image: WSOP) Players like Frank Maggio and James Moore showed us that writing off the elder statesmen of the game can be a dangerous, and costly, proposition.

After all, one Bitcoin was only valued at a tick below $1,000 on January 1.Polk is one of many high-stakes players who have incessantly tweeted about Bitcoin the past year, charting its meteoric rise.

Robert Mueller was head of the FBI during investigations into online poker that ultimately led to Black Friday, so we know a thing or two about how his game works.After all, he was director of the FBI from 2001-2013, making him the man in charge when the US government was building its case against online poker.

Hoping to ride on momentum from Pennsylvania’s recent legalization of online poker, the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) is encouraging players in New York State to help push for the same in the Empire State.org asking for your help in convincing lawmakers to pass through an internet poker bill in New York in the coming months.

The final major poker tournament of the year, the $10,400 buy-in WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic is underway at Bellagio.After Day One, 550 players out of 605 total entrants remain, with registration still open and a long alternate list developing.

Now Danish players are permitted to legally participate in online casino games without fear of penalty.Luckily for Danish players there are plenty of options to choose from as many foreign online casino operators cater to players from the country and what’s more, accept payments in the their own currency, the Danish Krone (DKK).

Confusion results from the fact there are two opposing regimes in Germany when online gambling is concerned.This incoherence is not only confusing to players and online casino operators alike but could also lead to unlawfulness.