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The Goan Nuts celebrate winning the second season of the Poker Sports League in India.in)Ultimately, it was the Goan Nuts who came out on top this season after five days of competition.

The Poker Sports League (PSL) has partnered with the Discovery Channel’s parent company to broadcast the first ever poker event on Indian TV.The Poker Sports League is bringing the team poker concept to India, and later this year their tournaments will be broadcast on DSPORT, an upstart Indian sports network connected to the Discovery Channel (Image: Sportskeeda) Now into its second season, the PSL is looking to capitalize on a strong online following.

The Global Poker League’s move into India will be boosted by the country’s largest talent management agency, Kwan Entertainment.CEO of Mediarex Alex Dreyfus is seeking to bring his Global Poker League concepts to India with the help of Bollywood celebrities represented by Kwan Entertainment.

One of greatest chess players of all time, Viswanathan Anand, has partnered with PSL to promote skill in poker.In a bid to carve out an exemption for poker, the Indian Poker Association (IPA) led a case that argued poker was a game of skill.