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Phil Ivey made his return to tournament poker this summer which was one of the top highlights of the 2018 World Series of Poker.‘No Home Jerome’ Returns to WSOPPhil Ivey, arguably the greatest poker player ever, had taken a lengthy break from tournament poker.

The Poker Brat won nearly $300,000 over two “Poker After Dark” cash game sessions this week.More than $60,000 of that goes to those who invested in the 15-time WSOP bracelet winner on YouStake.

A thrilling Day 2C of the 2018 WSOP Main Event is now in the books.During the final stages of Day 2C play, the player won a massive 100,000 pot to rocket himself to the top of the leaderboard.

For the first time in possibly ever, Phil Hellmuth wasn’t the biggest diva in a poker tournament he took part in.(Image: Twitter)Hellmuth and television and film producer Randall Emmett hosted and emceed the charity tournament and helped raise money for City of Hope, a leading cancer research hospital.

As the 2018 WSOP begins, Phil Hellmuth is causing a stir on social media for charging potential investors what some consider excessive markup on a $10,000 buy-in bracelet event.”In layman terms, the poker pro is suggesting, given the excessive markup Hellmuth is charging, his backers are investing in a losing proposition.

At 11 am Friday, just $75 plus a $20 charity donation gets you entry into the Morning Madness tournament.Beat the Poker BratThere isn’t a bigger name in poker than Phil Hellmuth.

During AFib, the upper chambers of the heart beat irregularly, often causing a blood clot which could then potentially lead to a stroke.org warns AFib patients that the condition is serious, but claims 33 percent of AFib patients disagree, Hellmuth, 53, being one of them.

Phil Hellmuth craves the return of online poker in the US and thinks the time to make it happen is now.Every Major sport (NBA, NFL, MLB) is behind the legalization of sports betting, and all of them will profit by it.

This week’s “Whine and Cheese” two-day series of “Poker After Dark” cash games on the PokerGO app features a habitual whiner (Phil Hellmuth) and the “Big Cheese,” Tom Marchese, along with Daniel Negreanu and a host of high-stakes regulars.Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth will headline this week’s ‘Poker After Dark’ cash game.

com)The new show is the latest creation from the makers of “Poker Night in America.He has competed in WSOP events and appeared on “Poker Night in America” cash game episodes.

Dennis Blieden holds a big chip lead after Day Four at the 2018 WPT L.Other notable Day Four bustouts included Chance Kornuth (16th), Billy Baxter (27th), Andy Frankenberger (36th), and Joe McKeehen (37th).

Chip leader Jeremy White is looking to add significantly to his $71,166 in lifetime live tournament winnings.It’s worth noting that the WPT LAPC has traditionally treated Brits well.

(Image: WSOP) YouStake announced this week that Hellmuth would be joining their team as both an advisor and ambassador.It allows the public to contribute to a poker player’s buy-in for live events, and offers a secure marketplace for both buying and selling shares, thus turning poker action into a tradable commodity.

(Image: Twitter/@DougPolkPoker) Tip Tilt According to the driver, Hellmuth not only had a bad attitude during their trip, but also didn’t tip.She posted a smiley selfie with the poker pro to a Facebook group called “Uber and Lyft Drivers Breakroom.

The right place and right time for poker fans to get a signed copy of the new Phil Hellmuth book, “#POSITIVITY: You are Always in the Right Place at the Right Time,” will be at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles, Wednesday afternoon.The always hustling, self-motivated Phil Hellmuth will appear on “Live at the Bike” on Jan.

Phil Hellmuth is almost always positive, except for when the cards don’t go his way.Phil Hellmuth released his new motivational book which is now available on Amazon.

Triumphant Return Before Poker After Dark ceased to exist following the 2011 season, Hellmuth was a regular competitor.The Poker Brat verified his moniker numerous times on Poker After Dark, often melting down over a bad beat or complaining on his way out the door.

The Poker Brat was the latest guest on Dave Portnoy’s “One Bite,” a popular pizza review vlog from Barstool Sports, and he wasn’t exactly a fan of the slice he got to sample.(Image: Barstool Sports) Portnoy, aka “El Pres,” is the founder of Barstool Sports, a satirical sports and men’s lifestyle blog that has millions of followers.