The end of April closed out the first third of the year, and with it, the race to become online poker’s biggest winner came into focus. Right now, no one has won more playing cash games on PokerStars than Linus “LLinusLLove” Loeliger, who is up $818,584. On the flip side, “ImagineKing” is 2018’s biggest loser down $1,179,564.

Rui “PepperoniF” Cao and “ImagineKing” Among April Online Poker Winners and Losers

While he’s won millions playing online, France’s Rui Cao only has $363,740 in live tournament earnings including a career-high $118,287 for finishing 13th in the EPT10 Monte arlo €25K High Roller. (Image: CodigoPoker)

Cao & Loeliger Dominate April

According to HighStakesDB, no one did better in April than Rui “PepperoniF” Cao, who won $245,862 in 4,475 hands over 39 sessions. That’s an average win of $54.94 per hand.

Cao was the beneficiary of April’s biggest pot, which took place at a $100/$200 pot-limit Omaha table back on the 22nd. It began when Ben “Ben86” Tollerene ($81,412.38) opened for $680 holding the Q♦5♦K♠4♠ and Cao ($53,666.12) three-bet to $2,120 with the 3♥6♣3♣5♥.

Tollerene pushed back with a four-bet to $6,440, Cao called, and the flop came down 3♠6♥4♥. Cao led out for $12,957 with his set and straight draw, and Tollerene called with a pair and straight draw. The Q♣ turn saw Cao move all in for $34,269.12 and Tollerene called with two pair to create a $107,492.24 pot.

The duo agreed to run it twice on the river, but neither the K♥ on the first run nor 8♥ on the second helped Tollerene and he watched the pot pushed to Cao.

Not far behind was Loeliger, who for the second month in a row won more than $240K. In April, Loeliger won $244,764 in 7,871 hands spread across 159 sessions.

April’s Biggest Online Winners
1 Rui “PepperoniF” Cao (39 sessions/4,475 hands) $245,862
2 Linus “LLinusLLove” Loeliger (159 sessions/7,871 hands) $244,764
3 Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky (60 sessions/5,808 hands) $184,987
4 “EEE27” (131 sessions/4,459 hands) $162,450
5 “€uroTr@sh1” (76 entries/2,714 hands) $155,488
6 Jens “Jean89” Kyllönen (140 sessions/6,350 hands) $115,996
7 “zerfer03” (40 sessions/2,874 hands) $78,297
8 “Drochba” (24 sessions/1,428 hands) $64,332
9 Andras “probirs” Nemeth (102 sessions/5,343 hands) $63,387
10 “MMAsherdog” (86 sessions/3,428 hands) $53,274

“ImagineKing’s” Skid Continues

On the other end of the spectrum, no one did worse in April than “ImagineKing,” who dropped a hefty $417,991 in 4,412 hands over 85 sessions. That’s an average loss of $94.74 per hand. It was the fourth month in a row that he’s lost, and more than the $365K he dropped in January.

To put his loss in perspective, the next biggest loser was Sami “Lrslzk” Kelopuro, who was down $116,462 on the month. That included losing the second-biggest pot of the month.

Kelopuro actually lost the second-largest pot of the month, which was won by Cao. It played out at a $100/$200 PLO table on April 8 when Kelopuro ($51,720.16) raised to $680 with the K♥K♣3♣2♠ and Cao ($62,166.16) three-bet to $2,120 holding the 8♦9♦9♠7♣.

Kelopuro called, the flop fell 10♣2♥9♣, and Cao checked. Kelopuro bet $3,453.60 and then called when Cao check-raised to $14,677.80. When the 3♥ peeled off on the turn, Cao bet $33,672.60 and then called $1,249.76 more after Kelopuro raised all in for $34,922.36.

Cao was ahead with a set, but Kelopuro was drawing to a flush draw. The river was run twice, but Kelopuro missed on both the Q♦ and 4♠. Ship the $103,600.32 pot to Cao.

April’s Biggest Online Losers
1 “ImagineKing” (85 sessions/4,412 hands) $417,991
2 Sami “Lrslzk” Kelopuro (20 sessions/2,037 hands) $116,462
3 “Grazvis1” (190 sessions/6,810 hands) $103,430
4 “huang33” (36 sessions/3,699 hands) $102,821
5 “bajskorven87” (5 sessions/485 hands) $101,874
6 Timofey “Trueteller” Kuznetsov (25 sessions/1,071 hands) $98,888
7 Alex “joiso” Kostritsyn (3 sessions/147 hands) $80,200
8 Ignat “0Human0” Liviu (229 sessions/7,195 hands) $67,306
9 “Katya_18” (177 sessions/9,540 hands) $60,252
10 “Limwonster” (92 sessions/4,389 hands) $59,130