6 million in a poker game, but the millionaire playboy was at no risk of losing anywhere near that much at a $1/2 cash game in Las Vegas this week.He perhaps also was settled down somewhat by being a survivor of the October 1 shooting in Las Vegas, which he broadcast on Instagram.

The Vegas Golden Knights are only four wins away from claiming the Stanley Cup in their first season, and they’ll get to start their quest for an NHL championship at home.The Golden Knights are the home team for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final, as they’ll play host to the Washington Capitals on Monday night.

The Upper House of the Japanese Diet approved on Friday a bill that authorizes the construction of up to three integrated resorts with casino gaming floors.The move completes a two-phase process of legalization of casino gambling in the country and creation of a gaming hub that is anticipated to outshine Las Vegas and other established destinations.

As many as 2,378 entrants participated in Day 1B action, but just under 1,900 made it through the end of the final fifth level of the day.Toward the end of Day 1B, the player won a three-way confrontation that helped him seal the largest stack of the night.

After Ivan Perisic scored 10 minutes later to tie the game, France took the lead yet in the 38th minute.That goal was historic: it was the first time a penalty was awarded in a World Cup final after consultation by the video assistant referee (VAR), who asked the on-field referee to take another look at a possible handball.

The US Senate Judiciary Committee wants to know more about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s gambling habits, including his penchant for country-club poker games.Brett Kavanaugh dismissed implications about having considers his answer about his poker playing habits in his Senate confirmation hearings.

If karma is a real thing, it may have been in play on Day One at the 2018 Super High Roller Bowl Sunday.“No Home Jerome” ended Day One with 254,000, slightly below the 300,000-chip starting stack, but still has plenty of dancing chips.

Nick Palma learned that the hard way after fellow pro Tim Reilly put him on blast on Twitter for allegedly refusing to pay back money owed from a backing agreement.Investor sends a poker player with a questionable track record of bankroll management to enter tournaments, months later claims to have been scammed.

Singapore’s Kenneth Kee defeated college student loan shark Cary Katz to win almost $2.9 million in the Triton Super High Roller Series Short-Deck Ante-Only HKD $1 million ($127,404 USD) tournament in Jeju, South Korea.

The expansion project will be carried out in several phases and a date for its finalization is yet to be confirmed by casino officials.Located in Highland, Southern California, just an hour from Los Angeles, San Manuel Casino was originally launched in 1986 as a bingo hall.

A massive campaign against gambling machines has started in the Eastern region of Kenya, with local security agencies trying to remove the terminals which have gained much popularity across the country.Yesterday, West Pokot County Security officers destroyed 21 gambling terminals which were confiscated last week, after the machines’ owners did not show up to claim their ownership rights.

The poker site that seems intent on making a grab for PokerStars’ dissipating glory is hosting a $20 million guaranteed tournament, making it the largest online event ever, from Nov.25, will become the largest online poker event in history with $20 million guaranteed.

(Image: Tencent Poker)In a notice issued on September 10, Tencent said the free-play poker site would go offline on September 25 and that users would be compensated in line with Ministry of Culture guidelines.Home to more than one billion users, the social media site has become a huge marketing platform in China and a way for consumers to learn about social poker apps.

In the case of a poker site under DDoS attack, players are unable to log into the software and those already logged in get kicked out of in-progress games.Attacked by Internet ThugsPartypoker suffered its first DDoS attack on Saturday and then was hit again Thursday evening.

In a statement on its official website, conservationist group BirdLife Cyprus said that the lack of the comprehensive environmental review actually breached both Cypriot and EU laws for the protection of endangered species.Hong Kong gaming and hospitality operator Melco Resorts & Entertainment and its local partner CNS Group announced last month that they would break ground on what would be Cyprus’ first casino resort on Friday, June 8.

At present, gambling ads are banned from being shown before a 9 pm watershed in the United Kingdom.Up to four gambling spots can be seen during each commercial break and slots during live sports on Sky Sports are usually occupied by ads promoting the widely popular in-play betting.

The Buffalo Bills once again showed that there’s no such thing as a sure thing, as they bucked the odds by traveling to Minnesota and beating the Vikings 27-6.(Image: AP/Bruce Kluckhorn)Buffalo pulled off this feat despite coming into the game as a 17-point underdog.

Comedic poker commentator Joe Stapleton teased an upcoming “Poker Night Live” episode, announcing that players from the real-life “Molly’s Game,” a Hollywood high stakes poker game that became the basis of a hit box office flick, will compete in a low-stakes game Tuesday night on CBS Sports Network.Though the real Molly Bloom (pictured) won’t be there, the real-life players in “Molly’s Game” will appear on “Poker Night Live” on CBS Sports Network Tuesday night.

The United Company and Par Ventures, with both of them being local businesses, bought the vacated Bristol Mall earlier this year.As reported by Casino News Daily earlier this week, the development of a casino resort at the site was one of the possibilities considered by the new owners.

Landowners move to lure Las Vegas developers ahead of expected revival of the casino legalization debate in Georgia’s Legislature Several Georgia landowners have hired a veteran commercial real estate specialist to woo Las Vegas casino operators to potentially expand their foothold to the state, even though casino gambling is prohibited under current laws, local media outlet Bisnow reports.Ron Stephens is going to introduce a bill allowing for the development of up to three casino resorts in the state.